Mainport Hotel

Mainport is the most luxury and modern hotel in Rotterdam. This brand new 5-star hotel offers you an unforgettable experience.

Interior architect Feran Thomassen wanted to use influences from all over the World in the Mainport Hotel and herewith create a Gateway to the World with access to all the best that the different continents have to offer. 

The complete design freedom that Big Impact offers, made this possible!

Immediately when you enter, you feel the unique design of the hotel. Each floor breathes the atmosphere of a different continent by use of surprising patterns and colors. Since nothing is standard in the hotel, Mainport also does not have standard hotel rooms.

Big Impact’s unlimited possibilities in colors, the complete design freedom and the choice of high-quality textiles make sure you will have a unique experience.

The over 7000 square metres of wallcoverings and glass decorations, which we printed, make a visit to the Mainport Hotel worth while.