Papagayo Beach Resort

We like to bring a recent project to your attention. Thalassa Boom, Creative Director at customer Papagayo Beach Resort ,in coorperation with Interior Architect Suzy Hunt ,have realised a beautiful restyling of the Beach Resort on Curacao. Papagayo Beach is an exclusive resort with luxury villages in one of the best places in Curacao.

Because of the complete design freedom, the high-quality textiles with very high functional and sustainable properties and the choice of over 62 million colors, the choice to work with Big Impact was quickly made by Papagayo Beach Resort. We supplied over four thousand meters of textiles for the restyling of 75 villas at the resort.

The curtains are made of 100% blackout, washable, flame retardent and UV resistant, textiles.

Made as wave curtains and realised in full color, with Oeko-Tex Ink on water basis and in the dye-sublimation technique, which creates a very high color density on textiles.

For the almost 2.700 square meters of wallcovering, cleanable, flame retardent, free of shrinkage and UV-resistant Walltex was used, printed full color with Nordic Swan Ink.

Please be inspired by the beautiful images. We kindly invite you to have your own designs printed on our wallcovering, curtain – or upholstery textiles.