Heal at DDW15

Shirly Dap: Heal interior design

The adrenaline slows down, for 9 days we were present at #‎DDW15. The 9 days were full of joy and energy and a great success! Thanks to a beautiful cooperation with Big Impact and because Area 51 provided us with some 60m2, we were able to present our Heal concept.

Our theme was “ Our World is our Playground.’ For us, we could achieve 2 things at once. On the one hand we could stimulate several senses from our visitors and at the same time we could increase the feeling of well-being with our Heal concept. Our designs came to life in curtains, wallcovering and self-adhesive furniture wraps, thanks to Big Impact.

For the self-adhesive wallcovering we used the new product “ Gluetex Biovate.’ A sustainable wallcovering, partly made from potato starch. Very Heal!

Our colorful and worldly designs were received very well. As did the total atmosphere of the room. Immediately when they entered, people were touched by the room’s atmosphere. The huge contrast to the skate park made the experience extra strong. And that is exactly what we want with our concepts. To create a place where you feel better, where you can be yourself and where you can meet other people.

Images: Heal interior design and Maarten van de Voort