DDW 2016

Being proud of our city and the talent that it produces we were glad to also be involved at this year’s DDW.

Together with designer Ulrike Jurklies we worked on her solo exposition DISPOSITION which was presented under the skatepark in area 51.

Her beautiful designs were presented on one of our newest developments in bio-based wallcoverings, Gluetex Biovate.


Ulrike Jurklies created a space meant to be colorful, fun and playful.

The visitors were invited to (literally) take different positions, changing their view on the space and the presented objects.

Just like in real life; sometimes a situation or perspective on things changes by just taking a single step…

Gluetex Biovate self-adhesive textile wallcovering:

The first biobased contract quality wallcovering consists of 60% Biobased materials (potato starch) and is manufactured in a sustainable way.

The self-adhesive textile wallcovering is developed for professional use and very easy to apply in sections uo to 135 m wide. The full color printing is of an extreme high photo quality, made with sublimation inks that meet the Nordic Swan environmental certification.

Gluetex Biovate