Be touched by your higher design!

You still have all the design freedom you want, use our full color spectrum and flexibility to print your project quick and on demand.
Our new technique makes it possible for you to create ‘ yournique’ projects for every customer in 2.5D.

Revolutionize printed interiors!

  • Innovate with us!
  • Suitable for both contract and residential projects
  • Highest quality
  • UV-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Fire resistant
  • Emits no VOC’s
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2.5D Textural Printing

Imagination you can touch!


We are always pushing the boundaries of (pr)interiors and are proud to be the first in the market to share 2.5D design freedom with you!

Haptic 2.5D textural printing is all about an elevating printing technology, which allows full color designs to reach heights!

The visible and tactile elevations create embossed effects and are suitable for various vertical interior applications.

Imagine a brand new canvas for your imagination, but now think 2.5D instead of 2D. You can not only see your designs, but also feel them and play with the extra dimension of height.


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This freedom and control is only limited by the imagination. Mimicry and optical illusion transcend to a new level with this tactility. The haptic aspect of the print brings life to surfaces.

  • Imagine printing a brick wall where each brick has its own dimensions and uniqueness,
  • Imagine animal skin that looks and feels real,
  • Imagine wood grains you can feel on the bar in your restaurant,
  • Imagine woven or knit textiles on the headboard of the bed in your hotel room,
  • Imagine your corporate logo to be printed directly into your design,
  • Imagine brushstrokes to be as exact as the original,
  • Imagine this technique being of use to people who are blind…..